Gift Ideas for College Student

Be sure to give your college-bound child the perfect Christmas gift so that he/she goes back to school bringing exactly what is needed. The gift must not only be beautiful but also practical or a combination of the two.

Here are worthwhile suggestions:

Books are ideal gifts

1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know: (Like Buying Your Books Before Exams Start)


Get the most out of reading with this highly recommended book, 1001 Things Every College Student Needs to Know. Whether your kid is a freshman or a year, he/she can always use these powerful and proven tips on how to profit from the college experience. Written by Harry H. Harrison Jr., he spiced his book with the latest dose of wit and wisdom providing practical advices that benefit every student and parent.

Portable charger for survival

RAVPower Portable Charger 3200mAh External Battery Pack Power Bank (2nd Gen Luster Mini, iSmart Technology, Apple cables/adapters are not included)for Phones, Tablets and more-Black


Since students in college cannot survive without their phones and tablets, they need the Portable RAVPower Charger External Battery Pack 3200mAh Power Bank with Ultra bright flashlight. ISmart built-in technology charges device faster than standard USB output. Ultra bright flashlight features 3 lighting modes – High, Low, and Strobe. With the flashlight, they can move around in the dark plus an additional talk and music for 9 hours from their cell phone.

Safety at your fingertips in the college campus

SABRE RED Pepper Gel – Campus Safety – Pepper Spray for College Students — Key Case with Quick Release Key Ring


Every campus is supposed to be safe but not anymore. SABRE Red’s Campus Safety Pepper Gel was developed specifically for college students. Preventing any wind blowback, the red’s pepper gel formula offers greater way to containment the spray that only targets the object to be affected by the pepper spray. You can use it in and out of doors. This makes pepper gel ideal in the classrooms, crowded areas on campus or athletic events. It looks great to carry around, as it is equipped with a quick release key ring. You can separate the pepper gel from your key to increase your safety while unlocking doors.

Keeping the right time

Datexx Miracle Cube Timer (Set of 4)


Being late will be a thing of the past when you have the Miracle Cube Timer Set of Datexx. You simply set the cube with the time you want up to the number of minutes from 5 until 60 minutes. A loud alarm will sound when it is time to get up – just set back to zero at the top to stop the ringing. Aside from the wake-up call, you can use this timer for contest, cooking, exercise, homework, meeting and napping. You don’t need a waking service.

Snacks to study by

An examination means long hours of study and when the student gets hungry; Study Snacks care package comes in handy during this long grueling night. Get them on the right road with this basket of food stuff to of goodies and highlighter pack of 2, Bumblebee chicken salad and crackers, gourmet Coffee, Hot Tamales candies, Juicy Fruit gum, Kellogg smart start bars, Krunchers kettle chips, Microwave popcorn, Planters roasted peanuts, Rice Crispy treats, Skittles fruit flavored candies and Snyder’s Pretzel twist, including a white gloss gift box with a colorful bow!

Bonus: Activity Tracker

UP2 by Jawbone Activity + Sleep Tracker, Black Diamond, Classic Flat Strap


An activity tracker like UP2 by Jawbone will keep track of being fit and also with a sleep tracker, this will be the perfect fitness tracker for a student who sits all day studies their lesson. The classic bracelet look will not go wrong and would look fashionable with any clothes they wear.

There they are, any one of these gifts is just right for your kids going to college. Start by sharing and who knows? You’ll also receive a gift back.

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