Best 3 Spice Grinders of 2016

Different spices like nuts, herbs and grains can be ground for making teas and coffees. They can also be ground to be used as ingredients for different recipes. These spices can be ground either manually by hand or by electronic grinders.

These are the best three electronic spice grinders as of 2016:

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blades, 3-Ounce, Black

This three ounce spice and coffee grinder has a sleek and beautiful black design. It is very light as it weighs only a pound. It has a 200 watt motor that allows its users to grind spices quickly and effectively. It has stainless steel blades that can grind coffee beans good for up to 12 cups. It even has a versatile unit for grinding up small spices like coffee, nuts, grains and beans. It is safe for your home as it has a safety switch that is activated by the lid preventing accidents that may happen in houses with small children. Some users have reported smelling a scent of burning motor when used, but this can be compensated as it has a two year guarantee worldwide. This spice and coffee grinder is one of the most budget friendly in the market, so if you’re looking for a spice grinder that both yields good quality grounds and is affordable, this is the one for you.

Large Spice Tobacco Herb Weed Grinder

Large Spice Tobacco Herb Weed Grinder – Four Piece with Pollen Catcher – 3.25 Inches Tall – Premium Grade Aluminum – Zip Grinders (2.5″, Black)


One of the biggest assets of this 3.5” spice grinder is its large size. It has a clear chamber of large capacity that will allow you to see the process of your spices and grains being ground. This grinder can grind up to six tablespoons of herb at one go. It has a window made of acrylic that goes well with its unique and beautiful design. It even has a mesh that can be used to separate pollen from the flowers and herbs you grind. This can also be easily cleaned out with a pollen scraper tool that comes with the package. This strong and durable product of premium grade aluminum from Zip Grinders may seem a little pricey but it can be dissociated into four parts that can fit perfectly into your backpack when travelling. It may be a little difficult to clean due to its intricate blades but with the grinding quality and large capacity of this appliance, it is definitely worth your kitchen investment.

Epica Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder

Epica Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder -Stainless Steel Blades and Removable Grinding Cup for Easy Pouring- Strongest Motor on the Market 250 Watt For Fastest and Most Efficient Grinding


Epica’s Electric coffee and spice grinder is made with one of the strongest motors in the market being 250 watts. It can produce quality grounds of up to 70 grams in one push of a button. This grinder is made of stainless steel blades and it comes with a removable stainless steel cup. The cup will allow you to easily obtain the grounds. This spice grinder has a tall and simple design that can easily fit into cupboards and shelves. It is also safe to use around children as it has a safety lock for when the top lid is open. A word of caution is not to overuse this grinder and abuse its strong motor as it can give out. It does have a two year warranty that can compensate for this low point.

Depending on your specific needs, choose a spice grinder that will meet your demands. Any of these spice grinders will surely give you quality grinds and will light up your kitchen.

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